One of the glories of Habanos is the wide possibility of choice; 27 brands with more than 250 different Habanos.

Habanos offer lengths ranging from less than 10 cm to more than 23 cm.

The industry standard measure for diameter is known as a stock and is expressed in 64ths of an inch, although in some countries they prefer to use millimeters. Ring sizes range from 26 (i.e. 26/64 inches or 10.32 mm) to 57 (i.e. 57/64 inches or 22.62 mm).

In Cuba, sizes are called vitolas. The galley vitola is the name used by the factories to name each format, it is the factory name. The vitola of exit is the name that is in the box, it is the commercial name.

Sometimes the exit vitola matches the name of the galley vitola, although it is not very common. The same galley vitola often has different exit vitolas in different brands. Sometimes, different brands use the same brand name for different galley vitolas. In addition, there are vitolas that have popular generic names like the torpedo. Something confused? The examples below are listed by galera vitola and their popular names also appear.



Popular name: Petit Corona Dimensions: 129 mm x 16.67 mm in diameter. (51/8 inches x clamp 42) A Mareva is the maximum that one can approach a standard dimension for Habanos. Its clamp 42 allows to use three sheets of casing in the ligature and can be considered the "standard" trap of the Habanos. It gives us about 30 minutes of pleasure when smoking



Popular name: Crown Dimensions: 142 mm x 16.67 mm in diameter. (55/8 inches x clamp 42) A crown is the size that "crowns" a memorable dinner, or perhaps it will give you time to start thinking during a busy day. With the same size or diameter as a Mareva, it offers more than half an hour of relaxation.



Popular name: Lancero Dimensions: 192 mm x 15.08 mm in diameter. (71/2 inches x clamp 38) When what is imposed is elegance, the fine length of a Lancer can not be equaled by anything. There is also a slightly shorter version called Special Crowns. Both are natives of the El Laguito factory, in Havana, the birthplace of Cohiba. The way your knob ends is characteristic. Provide an hour of pleasure.



Popular name: Century VI Dimensions: 150 mm x 20.64 mm in diameter. (5 7/8 inches x clamp 52) At present, it can be considered perhaps the Habanos par excellence format. In recent years it has consolidated as the vitola that combines an excellent combustion with all the powerful flavor that its 150 mm provide for almost 1 hour. It was this format that was chosen to make the first Gran Reserva de Habanos



Popular name: Petit Edmundo Dimensions: 110 mm x 20.64 mm in diameter. (4 3/8 inches x clamp 52) The tendency to less time available for smoking and thicker stocks has made this type of format, along with similar vitolas such as the Petit Robusto, one of the most popular in recent years. Of excellent combustion, its concentrated flavor can be enjoyed in 20 or 25 minutes.



Popular name: Edmundo Dimensions: 135 mm x 20.64 mm in diameter. (5 1/3 inches x clamp 52) El Edmundo is part of the group of thick band vitolas that have increased their popularity in recent years. Halfway between the Robusto and the Cañonazo, occupies a space in which his good shot and balanced flavor to be enjoyed around 50 minutes, has a group of faithful smokers



Popular name: Churchill Dimensions: 178 mm x 18.65 mm in diameter. (7 inches x clamp 47) Originally it was made in the Romeo and Juliet factory. It is said that Winston Churchill smoked some 300,000 Habanos during his long life. Not all were the size of this Habano, but these were the dimensions he preferred. Another feast for the palate. It can be enjoyed for more than an hour.



Popular name: Double Corona Dimensions: 194 mm x 19.45 mm in diameter. (7 5/8 inches x clamp 49) When time permits, there are few experiences that can match the constant sensations of the Prominent. Its colossal leaves will surprise you: at first for its delicacy, before gradually increasing the intensity of its flavor. It takes about an hour and 15 minutes to smoke it.



Popular name: Robusto Dimensions: 124 mm x 19.84 mm in diameter. (4 7/8 inches x clamp 50) The limitations that modern life imposes on time make this format the first choice for many experienced smokers. It is slow to burn and great taste. Almost all the rejoicing that a long Habano offers can be experienced here in 30 or 40 minutes



Popular name: Torpedo Dimensions: 156 mm x 20.64 mm in diameter. (6 1/8 inches x clamp 52) The sizes that have been shown so far are those that are called even. This is a figurative type vitola. Many consider that a pyramid, by its special form, offers advantages in terms of combustibility. The time required to smoke it is around one hour.



Popular Name: Double Figurative Dimensions: 145 mm x 18.26 mm in diameter. (5 3/4 inches x clamp 46) Pointed by the two extremes, this double figurative was, a century ago, the most popular type of vitola in Habanos. Currently all the brands of the Cuaba brand and some others have this style.



Popular name: Three petit crowns (TPC) Dimensions: 102 mm x 15.87 mm in diameter. (4 inches x 40 clamp) La Perla is part of a group of smaller vitolas, some are somewhat longer, others a little thicker than this one. La Perla is capable of making you feel the flavor of a Habano in about 20 minutes



Popular Name: Panetela Dimensions: 115 mm x 10.32 mm in diameter. (4 1/2 inches x clamp 26) It will take a quarter of an hour to smoke this little exponent of the art of a Torcedor. It is ideal, for example, to enjoy during the intermission in the theater. In fact, a similar vitola is called Entreacto